Do I actually have a Home?

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Here in Italy on holiday the room I have stayed in many times cannot be home as it is not ‘realistically mine’. As I do not own it. My husband pays to ‘rent’ the room out of his salary so I do not own the space i exist in whilst I’m here.

In England is my home really MY home as I have never paid for it; I do not own the space. I am allowed to be there at the ‘say-so’ or permission of another.

If we accept home as a right of ownership then I do not have a home as the spaces I exist in are borrowed from another.


Home from Home

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How far away is home

Home is here which is everywhere for someone

Do we leave home or take it with us

Why do we need to contact home when we leave

Or do we just need to contact those we remember when we leave home

Is home then scattered with all those we remember and hold dear to us

Why is a holiday called a holiday

Why do we not just say we have left home

When we leave home does home no longer remain home without us

Who is at home if we are not there

Is home wherever I am

Do I have to have my possessions to make a place home

Can I make home wherever I go

Can home be a strange unfamiliar place

Or do we have to know our surroundings intimately for it to be home

Is home in our heads and minds

Or is home only a physical entity containing us

Is home a collection of everything both physical and metaphysical

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