Special Delivery

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My package from John arrived this morning courtesy of Royal Mail Special Delivery. I had initially promised myself not to rush the opening – delayed gratification is all the sweeter! As I write, I still haven’t opened the inner envelope so am as yet unaware of its contents.  John’s characteristic form of presentation is evident in the carefully crafted package and I have been savouring the ritual of opening it by documenting the process…..


 I’m  not sure I can wait much longer……

Ingrid Newton


When we have left the room – revisited

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The room is still there but not as it was.  Spruced up and redecorated, tidied (as it never was when occupied), empty.

No point photographing it now: instead I rephotographed the existing images.  The room seen through the hazy prism of 7 years time passing…..

When we have left the room

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When We Have Left The Room

by Stephen Knight

our younger selves will stay

behind, haunting the blind

doorways and shelves on which we let

ash from a final cigarette

buckle in the crash.


Then, flies begin

knocking on doors

the spiders spin

and rust explores …

Still, they’re happy

where they are,

waiting patiently

as books–


abandoned there for good

(the boys and girls we were)

they make no noise … Well,

nothing we can hear.


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Home is where the heart is, but what happens when the heart is ripped out of your home?  Your home becomes your refuge but at the same time it is unrecognisable – it becomes a ‘strange and unfamiliar place.’ Absence haunts the house.  Every room becomes a repository of memories, every object a reminder of happier times. Remembrance of times past lies in wait in every corner, ready to pounce as you pass by.

These photographs were made in response to the death of my 17-year old daughter.


Strange Country

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In response to Nick’s poem Left Behind, about returning to his former home, here are some images I made 3 years ago when I revisited my former childhood homes to see what had changed and what memories, if any, would be provoked. It was an unsettling experience, reflected in the title of the series –  Strange Country. Things appeared familiar and unfamiliar at the same time – separated by a distance of over 50 years.

‘Never go back’, they say.  I don’t know what I was looking for, but I don’t think I found it and the memories remained stubbornly resistant to recollection.  The images are a combination of old family snapshots layered with the new photographs taken on a plastic Holga camera, the joins deliberately left visible to accentuate the feeling of time passing and the sense of dislocation I felt.The full series can be viewed here



Rus in Urbe

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My response to Johannes’ second incentive which I presented at the last meeting.  Something about the words he used to express his feelings whilst wandering within the urban landscape, struck a chord with me – that indefinable searching for something, a feeling of being on the outside, looking in.

They say that home is where the heart is but I am torn between my two homes – the city and the country. My loyalties are divided: when I am in the country, I miss the excitement and buzz of the city; when I am in the city, I long for the peace and tranquillity of the countryside. In this meditation on the nature of home I have combined the sights of one with the sounds of the other. Perhaps, after all, I can have the best of both worlds……