HOME reflections

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A handful of observations on HOME in no particular order …

1] Exhibitions can be seen as opportunities to reflect upon & reposition oneself in regard to presenting one’s work publicly; presenting in collaborative circumstances; curating personal work within curating the exhibition; the location of oneself within a group piece.

2] HOME might be located as the commencement of a series of excursions into curation; each one developing ideas of collaboration, organization, forums for debate, using or creating online tools for building an exhibition.

3] The schedule that Michael Rodgers & Nick Scammell laid down for MEMORIAL in the early Summer of: Interest   →  Commitment   →  Progress report   →  Space requirement kept preparation for that exhibition in motion & should be adopted/adapted for each exhibition we prepare.

4] Future exhibition preparation might consider alternative spaces, online spaces, print spaces, guerilla spaces, pavement spaces, lunchtime spaces, human spaces …

5] The HOME blog was late in arriving but provided space for many considered and motivating posts. Many of these were text pieces & the place of text/TEXT in representative form needs exploring more. Alex McIlhiney’s ‘fractured’ texts are examples.

6] The ideas that came to pass during the length of the preparation didn’t get sufficient hearing. Most of the contributions to the HOME blog represented & revealed intimate personal experiences; many of which were valid representations of urban experience. It needn’t take exhibition preparation for these to emerge & the CL sessions would be enhanced by them.

7] I can’t help feeling that we missed a trick in not beginning HOME earlier & enhancing the development of it by one or two more meetings devoted to its development. The idea of Astrid’s to create the Home within the Gallery could have been explored more.

8] Sound is an area we have yet to explore in depth.


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