Notes on curation

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Notes from ‘An Open Manifesto’

Tate ETC issue 25

Kathy Noble, Catherine Wood, Stuart Comer, Emily Pringle

I jotted now a few lines from the Tate piece as some words & phrases prompted thoughts on how we might view the space/area/arena. They are not directly & immediately relevant but some of the statements created a resonance & suggested departures from conventional approaches to gallery space.


:: a place for global dialogues; a new type of ‘social’ space; a laboratory of ideas

:: performance, social relations

:: artist-run, alternative spaces :: the Kitchen in New York, LACE in Los Angeles, London Film-makers Co-operative spaces

:: ephemeral time-based spaces

:: social space :: one of the aspects that has been highlighted in this programme is how we invite visitors to question what it is they are experiencing

:: can art be a catalyst for social & political activism? what is the viewer’s role in a live art performance

:: the idea of ‘the encounter’

:: an encounter can be between two people; it can be with a person & an object; or it can be something more complex, where the viewer is placed within a dialogic relationship with the artwork or within a structire or system created by the artist

:: ritual of behaviour

:: experiential :: where the audience’s knowledge & experiences are part of the work

:: can an audience be an archive

:: what it means to be part of the closing end of analogue culture

:: exist primarily as documentation

:: different layers of what an artwork might be

:: Immigrant Movement International :: exists as an artwork through its action-based elements & the ability of the artist to disrupt, intervene & change the existing systems

:: ‘behaviour art’ where the artwork is the lived experience :: ‘useful art’ or ‘useful’ art


Having made these notes & started to think how this might inform how I go about ‘presenting’ within ‘space’ I’m immediately shunted back to beginning with ‘process’ & ‘making’.

Incertitude, dubiety, turmoil. Wavering & fluctuating.


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