Incentive 2

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Presented to the Crossing Lines Group on 1st August 2012

Incentive 2 by Johannes Rigal

As I am working within the urban, looking for motives, inspirations and ideas – call it “detouring” or “being a flaneur” if you want – sometimes something happens to me. The following piece of text expresses this “something”. And all the time, there is music going along with it. Please feel free to associate with this piece, to contribute to it, to oppose it, to react to it. Write, photograph, create.

You are walking, roaming. Restlessly, aimlessly.
With a purpose or without.
Places look familiar, feel unfamiliar.
Foreign. Known, Unknown.

You are in this place. A place among places.
It can be defined, it has characteristics.
It is there, as you are in it.
You give it the meaning it needs to exist.

You are walking. You cannot stand still.
You are looking for your destination.
You might feel lost.
You look for the one thing that you recognize.

And all this time, there is someone singing.
You cannot hear the music clearly,
You do not know all of the words.
But one line keeps coming back:

“Can’t find my way home”

Blind Faith: Can’t Find My Way Home:


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