‘Home’ – A collaborative exhibition by the Crossing Lines Group

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Presented to the Crossing Lines Group on 4th July 2012

[Johannes Rigal statements; John Levett responses]

1]    The main idea of the exhibition is to create a full collaboration among the Crossing Lines group and – through this – to create a new approach to curating a group exhibition.

We photograph, we edit, we prepare, we present
I photograph, I edit, I prepare, I present

Key: I am the sole curator of my work
Key: this is pure idealism :: my work is a representation of my thought
Key: the universe is the ordered creation of the subject

Question: how much control am I prepared to relinquish?

2]    What will be presented in the final exhibition is merely not a show of several individual’s bodies of work but rather a full collaboration that will show a concise body of work created together.

Key: a body of work emerges from the act of making it
Key: beginning is the only necessary act
Key: the universe is the random materialization of these acts

Question: how can these random acts become collaborative?

3]    As I propose “Home” as the main theme and title of the show, what I want to try is to alter the familiar concept of the “white cube” exhibition space and make it a “personalized space” – in the sense that the group acts as one.

Key: we reject the autonomous artist
Key: we embrace the collective
Key: All Power to the Soviets

Question: are there any benefits to be derived from Leninist Centralism?

4]    “Home” can mean different things to different people. To achieve a complete body of work around this subject, there will be several “impulses” over the summer that hopefully will engage the group’s individual artists in the subject and will also serve as a framework for the overall achievement: the October exhibition.

Key: an ‘impulse’ is a provocative statement
Key: an ‘impulse’ is an ad hoc conclave
Key: an ‘impulse’ is building a home

Question: how can a wholly collaborative piece emerge from our individualities?

5]    A further aim of these impulses is to provoke reactions – responses from a temporal and spatial distance. What could result from this is a creative process and also a dialogue or communication among the group.

Key: we engage in creative processes at distance
Key: we know these creative processes look like
Key: we have an effective forum for collaboration

Question: … and these processes are? … the forum is?

6]    For the exhibition, I would like to explore the possibility of presenting works by different artists as one collective achievement, without the individuals name tags, artist’s statements, etc…

Key: I am nothing without my name tag
Key: made … make of it what you will
Key: what happens beyond the Private View

Question: how invisible do I want to be?

7]    I am interested to investigate what “group exhibition”, “collaboration”, “collective” and “home” mean and how these ideas and concepts can be presented in the gallery space.

Key: group
Key: collaboration
Key: collective

Question: what do I understand by these then?

8]    Home?

Key: we begin by beginning
Key: we begin from where we are
Key: we begin without expectation

Question: what is our next action?



1 they collaborated on the project co-operate, join forces, team up, band together, work together, participate, combine, ally; pool resources, put heads together.

2 they collaborated with the enemy collude, conspire, fraternize, co-operate, consort, sympathize; be in cahoots.




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